Founded under the Holy Writ of 1 Peter 4:10, our vocation is Simply To Serve others with the gift God has graciously bestowed upon us in website knowledge and software design. We are here simply to serve you in your world-wide web needs.

Our website software, design and support services is completely free with no provisions or obligations.
There is no hidden fees! We will help you design and build your site to your specifications and provide support and instruction on maintaining and growing your site. Our software was developed with user-friendly controls to allow you to manage your website content with little to no website experience needed.

You will need to have your own web hosting service and domain registrar. We can help set this up if you don't have this already.

Feel free to Contact Us for SimplyToServe software, services and support. We are here to serve you as faithful stewards of God's grace.

  • Security. Our security protocol follows government and industry standards
  • Dynamic Interactive Directories and Calendars
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Easy configurable navigation menus and controls
  • Import and Export Utilities for uploading/downloading data to/from the website
  • Website Text Editor. To permit editing of contents directly from the website
  • System Administrator Control Panel with instructions
  • Different website themes. Themes are easily configurable to your needs
  • RMS (Resource Management System) for storing, organizing, sharing and securing website data such as Documents, Forms, Audio and Video Files, and other forms of media.
  • RMT (Resource Management Table) as simpler version of RMS for storing and displaying data.
  • Tab Containers (like this one) for storing multiple forms of data on a single page. Can be sized and configured easily.
  • Slide show presentations that are easily managed and configured.
  • eBlast Mail Utility for mass e-mail sign-up and distribution
  • Plus much, much more...
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